The Story so far

After a career as a freelance computer programmer, Sheena first became involved in local photography in 1995 when she wrote and took the photos for a little “tourist guide” to Ickenham, where she lived – part of the London Borough of Hillingdon and a few miles north of Heathrow Airport.  She had it translated (by friends who were native speakers) into French, German and later Spanish, so that visiting schools exchange children would be able to take something home to show their parents.

She then “got the bug” and took photos all round the Borough, and indeed outside the Borough, and produced cards, teatowels and notelets for 15 local “villages”. People may have seen some of them previously in libraries or shops, or at one of her occasional exhibitions, or when she had a shop within Iver Garden Centre, or between 2009 and 2015, when she had a permanent market stall in the Pavilions shopping centre in Uxbridge.

Officially she is now retired, but unofficially it seems to be a slow process and she is still “winding down”!    Meanwhile she is heavily involved with Hillingdon Artists, a group she set up in 2005 with fellow Ickenham resident and consummate artist Ian Watson, to promote the talent of independent visual artists in the Borough.  Please have a look – www.hillingdonartists.org.